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Who Are We?

We're a group of scholars dedicated to service and spiritual formation at a Christ-centered University anchored in liberal arts. We're a place students can wrestle with hard questions and still feel safe. We're a foundation for your career. We're the catalyst for your next job. Even more than all of that, we're your next home. Whether for 4 years, 2 years, or 16 months, we'll be your family. Welcome to Roberts Wesleyan University!

Meet Our Students

Khue Nguyen Headshot

Khue Nguyen’23 (Psychology and Chemistry)

Hi, I’m Khue, but my friends call me Katie. I am a double major in Psychology and Chemistry and I’m hoping to become a mental health professional. The friendships I’ve made here have helped me grow into the person I am today. I can’t wait to bring everything I’ve learned back home to my people in Vietnam. I love how Roberts encourages both social and natural sciences. My Track and Field teammates are my support system and I value being a part of something greater than myself.”

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Brian Ellis Headshot

Brian Ellis’22 (Adolescence and Special Education, M.Ed)

“Thanks to my graduate degree, I can finally chase my dreams of becoming a teacher. My education at Roberts has been absolutely phenomenal. As a “career changer” who is leaving behind over a decade of retail leadership, chasing my passion for education has been my dream for many years. I couldn’t have done it without the support and wealth of knowledge from my professors at Roberts.”

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Mykenzie Burnett Headshot

Mykenzie Burnett’24 (Education)

I’m Mykenzie and I’ve never been more excited about my academics and athletics at Roberts. I would not trade it for the world and I am so grateful to be a part of the bowling team. Being on such a close-knit team is exactly what I was looking for in college. I love that the Roberts community knows my name and that I am not just a number. As a student in Education, I enjoy being around people who are passionate about the same things as me, like teaching and having a positive impact on children. I’ve already learned how to create lesson plans for my future career!

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Autumn Dillow Headshot

Autumn Dillow’23 (Biology)

“I feel that I have a better sense of who I am and who I want to be, thanks to my time at Roberts.

“Over the past four years, I have been able to cultivate meaningful relationships with my peers and my professors which has deeply impacted my passion for learning and becoming a Physician’s Assistant.”

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Khual Mung Headshot

Khual Mung’23 (Ministry)

“I am here to serve the Lord. Roberts helped me learn about Jesus and how to be a better ministry worker! I’ve joined the worship team and I now mentor young people in my community. Being a student here has strengthened my faith in Christ.”

Click here to listen to me sing!

Lily Sluk Headshot

Lily Sluk’22, ‘24 (Childhood and Special Education, Literacy

“One thing I love about Roberts undergrad program is how incredibly practical the courses are. Almost every class gave me hands-on experience practicing the concepts I was learning about. [In my classroom,] I consistently lean on what I learned at Roberts. I love that the program is fully online and I’m loving it so far.”

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Samuel Carducci Headshot

Samuel Carducci’22 (Homeland Security and Applied Intelligence)

“Roberts showed me what it’s really like to work in this field. [All of my professors have] been in the field before… they give us opportunities such as to practice using software we’d actually use in our careers.”

Read my story to find out about my two exciting projects!



Chili Seminary

Established by Benjamin T. Roberts & opened in 1869


Chesbro Seminary

The school was renamed A.M. Chesbrough Seminary


B.T. Roberts Memorial Hall

Named in honor of B.T. Roberts and currently the home of Northeastern Seminary.


Cox Hall

Named in honor of businessman Edward Cox. First public event held in Cox Hall was the funeral of B.T. Roberts in February 1893.


President George W. Garlock

Served as President of Roberts & Seminary from 1921-1930


The Arch

is gifted by the class of 1926


President Merlin G. Smith

Served as President of Roberts & Seminary from 1933-1957


Carpenter Hall

Named in honor of Adella P. Carpenter. A four story, 36,000 square foot building built in 1935 and updated in every way, now with geothermal energy system


Roberts Junior College

The school was renamed Roberts Junior College


Roberts Wesleyan College

A charter is obtained to provide a four-year curriculum and another name change to Roberts Wesleyan College


DeBarr Residence

Named in honor of Anna & Duran DeBarr (Uncle Buck), Dir. Of Campus Services, bookstore, and College bus driver, 1971-1992.


Mohnkern Residence

Named in honor of Donald Mohnkern, Registrar 1960-1992.


Morrow Residence

Named in honor of Jean & Dave Morrow, Dir. Of Admissions & Dean of Students 1967-1982


Sittig Residence

Named in honor of William Sittig, Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Ruth McIntyre Sittig, professor 1949-1983


Whittingham Residence

Named in honor of Dorothy Whittingham, chair of Nursing Division, professor 1954-1986


Hasting Center for Academics

Named in honor of Bob & Mary Hastings, friends of the college.


Anderson Residence

Named in honor of Harry F. Anderson, professor and beloved coach, 1933-1976


Magill Residence

Named in honor of Stanley R. Magill, professor 1947-1985.


O'Brien Residence

Named in honor of John D. O'Brien, faculty 1931-1969


Updyke Residence

Named in honor of Howard E. and Cora Updyke, literature professors, Academic Dean 1934-1969


Presidents's Home

Current home built in 1965 under President Ellwood(Woody) & Beth Voller.


Beeson Hall Residence

Named in honor of Lillian & J. Eslie Beeson, professor 1926-1967


Miner Hall

Named in honor Burdette N. Miner, Chairman of Board of Trustees 1930's.


Garlock Commons

Named in honor of President George W. Garlock. The Ellen Stowe Roberts dining room, named to honor the wife of B.T. Roberts is located within the commons.


Smith Science Center

Named in honor of President Merlin G. Smith


President William C. Crothers

Served as President of Roberts & Seminary from 1981-2002


Voller Athletic Center

Named in honor of Ellwood A. Voller, President 1957-1968


Dr. William Franklin "Billy" Graham, Jr.

Honorary Alumus


U.S. Ambassador Kirk Wagar '90

United States Ambassador to Singapore


Master's of Education degree

Master's level programs introduced, starting with Med


Howard Stowe Roberts Cultural Life Center

Named in honor of Howard S. Roberts, great-grandson of B.T. & Ellen Roberts; decorated naval officer.


Adams Residence

Named in honor of Jean & Paul L. Adams, President 1974-1981


Dailey Residence

Named in honor of Florence & Alton Dailey, alumni Class of '23, business manager, trustee, and benefactors


Northeastern Seminary

NES is chartered to provide theological education at Roberts Wesleyan College



Roberts Wesleyan College chapter of Students in Free Enterprise was formed


September 11

Roberts responds to September 11 inside and outside classrooms to issue disaster relief


Rinker Community Service Center

Named in honor of David & Leighan Roberts Rinker, a 5th generation decendent granddaughter of B.T. & Ellen Stowe Roberts; both trustees of the college.


Davison Hall Residence

Named in honor of Donald & Maxine Davison, benefactors and friends.


President John A. Martin

Served as President of Roberts & Seminary from 2002-2014


B. Thomas Golisano Library

Named in honor of local businessman, entrepreneur, & friend of the college.


Jenn Suhr '04

Olympic Silver Medalist Winner


Jenn Suhr '04

Olympic Gold Medalist Winner



From Raiders to Redhawks - an image of physical, spiritual, and intellectual significance


Outdoor Athletic Center

Completion of the stadium facility including, locker rooms, training room, and consession stand


Clock Tower

Dedicated to Dr. Bill & Rilla Crothers


NCAA Division II

Roberts becomes full member of NCAA Division II


President Deana L. Porterfield

Presidential inauguration September 26, 2014 and currently serving as President of Roberts & Seminary


Crothers Science & Nursing Center

Named in honor of President Bill & Rilla Crothers.


Doctorate of Psychology

Doctorate level programs introduced, starting with PsyD


OTD Headshot of student

Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Doctorate level programs continued to grow with OTD


Roberts Wesleyan University

Name change to Roberts Wesleyan University granted by the New York State Board of Regents


Golisano Community Engagement Center

Golisano Community Engagement Center

The modern 26,167-square-foot, two-story center is a hub for connection, community interaction and student life resources on campus.